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I am a qualified physiotherapist and I am looking for online job opportunities since I have very good communication skills and I am very keen to explore different job opportunities. During this lockdown I am finding it tough to get jobs online. Can you guide on the kind of jobs I can get online as a freelancer as I am open to new and different job openings and not just health care.
Questioned by Radhika, Jammu and Kashmir
A physiotherapist job carries a very important responsibility to rehabilitate the patient back to normal without medicines and using exercise, manual therapy, rehabilitation techniques and physical activity hence the option for freelancing physiotherapy is a good one. Since you have mentioned you possess good communication skills, you can try creating your own YouTube / Instagram channel and create your own content which offers critical solutions on health and related care, which caters to all ages and groups. You can do some videos related to physiotherapy in your local language and upload it on YouTube as videos in regional languages are very limited. Also with some experience in this field, and with additional certification programs you can enhance your opportunities of conducting online coaching classes, training sessions, etc. Online health care providers like Curefit or Portea Healthcare can be contacted in this regard, as they have online fitness classes and sessions which are very much in demand. You may also consider advanced areas of study as per your interest, which include advanced physiotherapy in areas such as sports and exercise, rehabilitation, neuro - rehabilitation, paediatric and neuro- musculoskeletal physiotherapy, animal physiotherapy all of which opens to newer job opportunities.

I wanted to know how to create budget and cash flow.
Questioned by Abinash Behera, Odisha
Using a realistic budget to forecast your spending for the year can help with a good long term financial planning. The following steps will help you in creating a cash flow and budget for your business:-1. Plan Revenue: This will be based on the market price for the product and the demand you expect to meet of your product. Multiply units to be sold by the expected sale price.2. Projecting the collections – In case you offer credit terms, ensure that you make collections so that your cash flow is not affected. For instance, if your payments are monthly, ensure you have projected collections to meet monthly payments.3. Investment: Set aside funds for investment or expansion of business. Always provision some cash for this purpose every year.4. Expenses and cash outflows – Manage expenses prudently. Also, keep a check on the type of costs. Try and use fixed assets efficiently so your costs can reduce. Also try making purchases in bulk to avail discounts. Costs to be considered are employee payments, rent, electricity, repairs, legal costs etc.5. Payment to Creditors: Ensure that you pay your creditors on time. If you make delays, it will reflect poorly on your business and you could end up getting poor terms from your creditors. Some creditors also reward prompt payments, so try to avail of these. Further, delay in payment to banks will have serious consequences on credit worthiness.These are the items you need to incorporate in your budget. In a gist, get started with cash inflow (revenue and collections), reduce your costs (investment and expenses and payment to creditors). The net cashflow is available for owners to re-invest in business. Keep the above points in mind when preparing a budget.

I would like to know few things in starting an education institution which is basically a finishing school. I want to understand the process as well as what govt. support is available or not. I also own a 20 acre plot in Irruti, wayyand where i want to convert that agriculture plot into a Revenue model. What support can I get from Restart India"
Questioned by Niju Varghese Philip, Kerala
A finishing school is defined as "a private school for students that emphasizes training in all round personality development, cultural and social activities. Specific skill sets may be imparted as value addition." It has to be working in a highly sophisticated building in a well-furnished premise. The school should be aesthetically equipped with all the facilities to ensure the right learning environment for students. (Eg: Library, Smart class equipment and software, Computer Lab, Conference Hall, Language Lab, etc). It would be great if you could empanel a team of industry experts to facilitate industry sessions, internships, mock tests and interviews to help students. You have to develop all new features for your school, which includes a Campus, Faculty Support Team, Smart Classrooms, Placement Support, Expert Faculty from the industry, Infrastructure, Industrial Collabration, Seminar - Knowledge sharing and Accommodation facilities. You can contact All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for more information about the institutional development schemes and grants provided by AICTE (Website: https://www.aicte-india.org/schemes/institutional-development-schemes). The conversion of lands within the state is entrusted with the Department of Land Revenue. As per section 6 of the Kerala Land Utilization Order, 1967, conversion of lands being cultivated with food crops mentioned in the order cannot be converted without permission of the District Collector/RDO. You may contact your Village Officer with the documents of your plot to understand the legal aspects. Homestay tourism, Resorts and Hotels are certain ventures that can be considered in your 20 acre plot.

I am a fashion designer and have been running a boutique for past 5 years. I want to expand and take my business online. Could you guide me please.
Questioned by Chandrakala, Karnataka
Yes that is a good step forward. The first step is to create a proper website with payment options. Some free or low investment resources to do that are wix.com or wordpress too. You can also have a presence on all social media platforms which need to be active for your brand to remain one that is recalled immediately. A few things to keep in mind when you begin to go digital: Display good photos, be active on WhatsApp ad other social media apps, respond promptly to queries and be consistent. These will help you reach a mass audience within a short time. For more information, you can also refer to the marketing and branding answers which were already published on the website.

I am running a pre school since last 6 years and now I wish to start my own primary school. I need help on the same for generating finance for the project. Can you please guide?
Questioned by Dipti Kathale, Maharashtra
The very first step to start a school is to develop a business plan on how your school is going to operate over its first five years. Plan the location, faculty, affiliation, teaching subjects etc. This plan will act as a blue print, on the basis on which your school will operate in future. For a primary school running from class 1 onwards needs to be under a registered trust or society. After getting an NOC from the Department of Education, it's important to get the recognition, for which you will need to apply to the Department of Education of the State Government for your school’s recognition. All grants related to the institution are subject to government recognition as well as from authorised Board of Education.With regard to finances for this project, there are many lenders in the country that offer unsecured loans to their customers. Bajaj Finserv, Reliance Money and ISFC provide unsecured loans to trusts and societies of private schools to expand their infrastructure. The interest rates are around 18% and vary between lenders.

If the Covid-19 virus is not defeated in the near future, we have to fight against it and also ensure that the poor and the non-salaried lower middle class is not affected. How can we ensure the livelihood of this segment who holds a majority of Indian population and economy?
Questioned by Binesh kumar.k, Kerala
The pandemic is being a bane for most of the industries and many people have lost their jobs. However, this is the time to adapt to the a normal and look for alternative ways for survival. This is a good opportunity for the middle class people to establish their own low investment businesses. Operating a home-based business venture, whether full-time or part time can be considered as an option for income. They can market and sell their products and services online and and through local contacts as well. The small businesses like making of masks, surgical gowns, disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, soaps, candles, jewellery, home cooked food, tissues, stitching unit etc. can be considered. This opportunity can also be used to start a freelance career. Launching online consultancy business, online teaching classes, music classes, cooking/baking classes etc. can be counted as choices. If financial support is required, government is offering loans for small scale industries and start-ups. The MSME schemes as Collateral-free loan, Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE), MUDRA Loans, SIDBI loans etc. can be availed if the criteria are met.

What are the options available to start a home business? Which type / sector of business can be operated remotely? I have an engineering background and experience in running a restaurant. Please advise
Questioned by Garima, Gujarat
Any kind of virtual business can be run from home. However, if your restaurant or shop is open to customers, then it's difficult to set this up at home. You could consider setting up a cloud kitchen at home to provide takeaways or to conduct online workshops. Since you have an engineering background you could also provide online consulting in the area of your expertise.

Can you advise me with general branding and marketing that any small business can use as a starting point?
Questioned by Ashish Solanki, Uttar Pradesh
Is important to be different. Have a brand name that is unique and stands out. Great small businesses always succeed because they do one important thing more than anyone else. They listen to their customers. They take feedback from them and have a personal approach. Small Businesses grow due to the great service and word of mouth marketing with their existing customers. This can definitely help you begin your journey.

Can you advice me on how to cut down my investment in marketing and advertising. Considering the situation the profit margin is very less. Can you shed light on easy and simple ways to market it to a large audience?
Questioned by Fatema nasir, Maharashtra
There are 2 simple and effective ways to have low cost advertising. 1. Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach 10,000 people for as low as Rs 500. Consider Facebook ads 2. If you know exactly who your target customers are and where they live, reach them with fliers, posters and other type of collateral which you know they will read

I am planning to open a new shop and I am short of capital required for starting it. How should I go about fulfilling the short term capital requirement for my business?
Questioned by Shubham Kumar, Delhi
Central government has come up with the 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' - special economic and comprehensive packages for various sections including the MSMEs. Banks and NBFCs provide similar products that suit small businesses. They offer a wide range of products and services for individuals. MUDRA loans can be considered for raising capital for your shop, which will be available through Banks/NBFCs/MFIs. Non-Corporate Small Business Segment (NCSB) comprising of proprietorship / partnership firms running as small manufacturing units, service sector units, shopkeepers and others, in rural and urban areas are eligible for assistance from MUDRA. Loans are categorised into Shishu, Kishor and Tarun. Loans beyond 5 lakh and up to 10 lakh comes under the 'Tarun' category. Generally, loans upto Rs.10 lakh issued by banks under Micro Small Enterprises are given without collaterals. The terms and conditions of the lending agency may have to be followed for availing loans. Government Programs that offer capital are an excellent way to source funding for your business. You may visit your nearest bank / NBFC for opting suitable loan scheme and understanding the terms and conditions end to end in line with your requirement and eligibility criteria. You can also consider "Ashwas Dinam Gold Loan" and "Restart India Pradhan Gold Loan" provided by Muthoot Fincorp Ltd (MFL) for immediate funding. https://bit.ly/MuthootFincorpRIPL https://bit.ly/MuthootFincorpADGL

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