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I would like to know few things in starting an education institution which is basically a finishing school. I want to understand the process as well as what govt. support is available or not. I also own a 20 acre plot in Irruti, wayyand where i want to convert that agriculture plot into a Revenue model. What support can I get from Restart India"
Questioned by Niju Varghese Philip, Kerala
A finishing school is defined as "a private school for students that emphasizes training in all round personality development, cultural and social activities. Specific skill sets may be imparted as value addition." It has to be working in a highly sophisticated building in a well-furnished premise. The school should be aesthetically equipped with all the facilities to ensure the right learning environment for students. (Eg: Library, Smart class equipment and software, Computer Lab, Conference Hall, Language Lab, etc). It would be great if you could empanel a team of industry experts to facilitate industry sessions, internships, mock tests and interviews to help students. You have to develop all new features for your school, which includes a Campus, Faculty Support Team, Smart Classrooms, Placement Support, Expert Faculty from the industry, Infrastructure, Industrial Collabration, Seminar - Knowledge sharing and Accommodation facilities. You can contact All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for more information about the institutional development schemes and grants provided by AICTE (Website: https://www.aicte-india.org/schemes/institutional-development-schemes). The conversion of lands within the state is entrusted with the Department of Land Revenue. As per section 6 of the Kerala Land Utilization Order, 1967, conversion of lands being cultivated with food crops mentioned in the order cannot be converted without permission of the District Collector/RDO. You may contact your Village Officer with the documents of your plot to understand the legal aspects. Homestay tourism, Resorts and Hotels are certain ventures that can be considered in your 20 acre plot.

I am running a pre school since last 6 years and now I wish to start my own primary school. I need help on the same for generating finance for the project. Can you please guide?
Questioned by Dipti Kathale, Maharashtra
The very first step to start a school is to develop a business plan on how your school is going to operate over its first five years. Plan the location, faculty, affiliation, teaching subjects etc. This plan will act as a blue print, on the basis on which your school will operate in future. For a primary school running from class 1 onwards needs to be under a registered trust or society. After getting an NOC from the Department of Education, it's important to get the recognition, for which you will need to apply to the Department of Education of the State Government for your school’s recognition. All grants related to the institution are subject to government recognition as well as from authorised Board of Education.With regard to finances for this project, there are many lenders in the country that offer unsecured loans to their customers. Bajaj Finserv, Reliance Money and ISFC provide unsecured loans to trusts and societies of private schools to expand their infrastructure. The interest rates are around 18% and vary between lenders.

I am a post graduate student and I want to start a computer coaching class institute. Please advise how to go about the same.
Questioned by Ramkrishna, Karnataka
Education is a good sector to be in but you need to bear in mind that many individuals might not be comfortable coming to an institute due to the current situation. You may want to explore the route of virtual classes and sessions for sometime. Invest in the right technology to do that. You can also have different batches based on experience level with respect to computers and age groups.

I want to start teaching online for students around the globe. How can I start?
Questioned by ASRAF UL ISLAM, Odisha
It would depend on he kind of students you want to teach. For example: if you want to teach school students then global may not possible now as there are multiple parameters that restrict this line. However if you want to teach something more on skills development ( like Programming, Sales, Soft skills etc ) look at your current capability to teach globally. Focus on your credentials that would make people come to you for learning. You could start with a video learning channel on YouTube and then progress to collaborate with companies like Udemy, Teachable,WizIQ,Coursecraft, Skillshare etc. It would be good to start first with some free courses to be run on their platform and once you get better traction you can make them chargeable .

What product and technology gaps have fulfilled in this COVID-19 situation to reach customer easily.
Questioned by JATIN SAINI, Delhi
The Education sector has been clearly the biggest gap that was solved during the COVID time. There was a huge resistance pre Covid to have these classes taken online. Now it has forced to become the norm because of the situation and could become the norm post COVID era also

Is there a possibility for students of low economic background to leverage pooled/shared online infrastructure in common places like local centres etc.?
Since any gatherings are prohibited at the moment to prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading, the permission for students to gather at a local centre may be not be allowed. However, as and when the norms for small gatherings are allowed, the possibility of 10-15 students gathering at a local centre to use a common TV for their classes can be considered with the permission of local municipal authorities.

What are some best practices and guidelines for teachers, parents and students in the wake of the changing education process?
Teachers: Try to create an environment for students to self-motivate and self-learn, rather than trying to replicate what used to be happening in the classroom, directly in front of a webcam. The primary duty of a modern teacher would be to enable and guide, rather than teach and train. This awareness could help bring important changes in the way you develop yourself as an educator in the years to come.Parents: Try to set up a dedicated space/ desk at home for your child’s study/productivity. At this time, encourage your kids to stay curious and research-friendly. Encourage your child to explore solutions to problems by researching on the internet.Students: We are moving into an age where self-motivation and focus will reign above all other qualities. While you’ll find yourself consuming a lot more content and ideas to enrich your education, please make sure that you do so with a sense of self-discipline. If you’re someone that is constantly in need of others telling you what to do, now would be a good time to break out of such expectations and to exercise a positive spirit of being productive.

ICSE has reduced its syllabus to 1/4th and CBSE to 1/3rd. My son is in 12th standard now. If he fails to get a medical or engineering seat this year, he will have to go for full-time coaching for one more year. Next year if it is a full syllabus, how will he cope up and compete?
The key here is to divide your child's syllabus into two parts:-The first part will be the syllabus that will come in the upcoming board exams. This syllabus will have to be completed first and continuously revised.-The second part will be the comprehensive one, covering topics that are important for the competitive exams. This syllabus will have to be completed simultaneously with the syllabus for the board exams. It can then be revised rigorously in the gap between the board and competitive exams.This will prepare your children to be prepared for and perform well in both.

How do I seek professional education in other states now that COVID is restricting movement?
Since COVID is affecting people all over the world, most universities have made significant changes in the way they will be handling courses this year. You will most likely hear about universities adapted to online teaching.Some universities are in the process of providing subscriptions to various online courses that cover similar subjects to what they cover as a part of their curriculum.Since all universities have their own unique take on handling this situation, it would be a good idea to reach out to the university of your preference, and check how they intend to handle the situation. Have no worries, as they will most likely have a good resolution that works best for their students.

How can the students' skills be evaluated through online learning?
This is where institutions have to get creative. Assessments can still be effective but have to be made interactive.-Students have to be invited to be participative through online classes. They need to familiarize themselves with online tools and be encouraged to use them.-Class sizes should be optimum (10-15) since there is little direct visibility between the teacher and the student.-Students should be encouraged to send in assessment answers through audio and video.

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