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I would like to start a food processing unit to supply dehydrated products (Eg: Raisins, Rose petals, etc.). Where can I market these products? Also, how can I export these products? Please guide.
Questioned by Pranay Sehgal, Punjab
Global dehydrated food market is forecasted to register a CAGR of 5.2 % during the forecast period (2020 - 2025). Utilizing different forms of marketing (like social media or in-store samples) can generate consumer interest. The following steps in marketing can help you: create brand awareness, very sound knowledge of the customers to be targeted, know how to manage the products, proper channel of communication with customers, what differentiates you from other sellers, cost management, perfect packing, pricing, etc. You can market dehydrated raisins and rose petals through hypermarket/supermarket, convenience stores, online retailing etc. Rose petals can be distributed to beauty product makers, patisseries, home bakers as well. Now, once the business is set, an exploration can be done to grab the export opportunities. Export in itself is a very wide concept and lot of preparations is required by an exporter before starting an export business. To start export business, the following steps may be followed: Establishing an Organisation, Opening a Bank Account, Obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN), Obtaining Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Number, Registration cum membership certificate (RCMC), Selection of product, Selection of Markets, Finding Buyers, Sampling, Pricing/Costing, Negotiation with Buyers, Covering Risks through ECGC. Please visit the following link for additional details: https://bit.ly/3i1K7Gi

I want to start a poultry farm, how can I avail loan with maximum amount and low interest rate?
Questioned by pushpabai, Aruvikkara
Animal husbandry is an important branch of agriculture and many farmers depend upon it as it their livelihood. Hence to boost the development in this area, government along with national and private banks offer loans to farmers who are engaged in this field. Some major banks do fund poultry loans namely SBI, HDFC, PNB however a collateral security of land or third party guarantee is required. Poultry loans from Federal Bank with 100% loan on asset or project is available for loans up to 50,000/-, for loans greater than 50,000 only 85% is available, however there is no collateral security. The loans will be extended to those have proper knowledge of poultry which is sufficed by a training certificate or relevant experience certificate. Also loans are available under MUDRA under Shishu for start-ups or Kishore loan which meant for maximisation of existing business, here the personal credit score is utmost important for availing the loan.Article: Krishi Jagran site dated 27 April 2020

We are planning to start fruits and vegetables export business. We would like to know about the pack house development in various locations with financial requirements from our FPC. Also, how can we avail financial support from government or private funding institutions? And, how can we approach investors for setting up market offices in locations outside India?
Questioned by Bhushan Pravin Gadhave, Maharashtra
Intensive investment is required to own a fruit farm, rent/lease a pack house, payment for shipping and other logistics. State Governments and State-owned agencies are providing affordable schemes to facilitate warehousing infrastructure in the country. The principle objective is to promote exports of fresh fruits and vegetables. Loans are provided for projects involving creation of storage infrastructure for agricultural and allied produce, including construction of Warehouses, other Cold Chain Infrastructure activities like Pack Houses/ Integrated Pack Houses, Reefer Vans, Bulk Coolers, Individually Quick Frozen Units, Chilling/ Freezing Infrastructure, etc. Funding Federations of Cooperatives, Farmers’ Producers’ Organizations / Companies (FPOs / FPCs), Federations of Farmers’ Collectives, etc. are eligible for various loans and schemes form state and central government entities. You can appeal to FPCs / FPOs to construct ‘pack houses’ for cleaning, grading and packing their products so as to get the right price for farm products. Marketing office can be at a prime location outside India, where there are houses or it can be in a busy market or an industrial area. For immediate business operations, your marketing office can be initially online where you can start an online / virtual office. In order to be safe and have a hassle- free smooth business, it is advisable to hire an overseas agent / marketing officer on a commission basis. For finding a reliable agent, you can take help of Consultants or Chamber of Commerce of that country. Once your business has flourished, you may approach the investors and introduce yourself along with explaining the potential of exports.

What is the process of Creating Farmer producer organisation FPO
Questioned by Kaushlendra Pratap Singh, Uttar Pradesh
There are several steps in setting up an FPO:- Village study and preliminary identification- Feasibility study- Report and action plan- Organizing- Formalizing- Systems development- Business planning- Linkages with other organizations- Monitoring and reviewThe formation and development of FPOs will be actively encouraged and supported by the Central and State Governments and their agencies, using financial resources from various centrally sponsored and State-funded schemes in the agriculture sector agencies. This goal will be achieved by creating a coalition of partners by the concerned promoter body, involving civil society institutions, research organisations, consultants, private sector players and any other entity which can contribute to the development of strong and viable producer owned FPOs.https://mofpi.nic.in/sites/default/files/fpo_policy_process_guidelines_1_april_2013.pdf

I am having a Tooty Fruity manufacturing unit based in Kolkata. Our main product is green papaya and sugar. I purchase almost 100 tons of papaya every month and get it peeled and throw away the papaya peels. Can you please suggest any by-products by using papaya peels.
Questioned by Amit Ray, West Bengal
The bi-products of Papaya can be used as beauty products as it contains enzymes like papain which on exfoliation can remove dead skin. Papaya peel has the antidandruff, skin soothing and moisturizing ability which is important in the cosmetic industry. You can consult those who are involved in making beauty products. Besides raw Papaya peels are firm enough to be pickled. Some of the other options are: Contact the nearby cattle farm owners for providing the peel as feed for the cattle. Contact nearby organic manure maker for using the peels for preparing manure for the plants.

How can small and marginal farmers, with their harvest from the previous season which is still in storage (due to multiple lock downs), sell off their produce at a fair price and in a short period?
Questioned by Dipankar, KERALA
The Covid-19 scenario has resulted in huge losses to farmers, as timely selling of produce has been affected. With digitalisation acting as a saviour for many small and big businesses around the world during the pandemic, the farming industry cannot be left behind, it’s important we switch over to digitalisation and also make the best use of the social media to procure good buyers. Also platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp can be used to create dedicated farming groups. Alternatively, e-Marketing platforms will reduce the role of middlemen who are hindering the trading sector in the agriculture. These e-Marketing platforms are free of cost and can be accessed from anywhere and made available in understandable language to farmers. The Vodafone Foundation, guided by its philosophy of ‘Connected for Good’ has curated the Vodafone Social Apps Hub to solve this problem, from Mandi Trades that enable farmers to sell produce directly to consumers. Some few apps and their websites are listed below for e-Marketing for agricultural produce, these are free mobile apps which act as an online market for the crop market. It is a one-stop marketplace that is open to all to buy or sell crops across India. Farmers can post their products and attract more buyers which will save precious time and money. They help in reducing the middleman buyers and sellers can privately chat to negotiate prices safely. SMARTCROP: https://www.socialapphub.com/app/smartcropDHAAN MANDI : https://www.socialapphub.com/app/dhaan-mandi-crop-marketAGRIBUZZ —AGRIAPP: https://www.socialapphub.com/app/agribuzz-agriappDIGITAL MANDI INDIA: https://www.socialapphub.com/app/digital-mandi-indiaGRAMSEVA: KISAN: https://www.socialapphub.com/app/gramseva-kisan-mandi-pricesMANDI TRADES: https://www.socialapphub.com/app/mandi-tradesAGRI MARKET: https://www.socialapphub.com/app/agri-marketSource: https://bit.ly/3cvKS8A

Covid-19 is spreading rapidly at the vegetable/ fish markets as we have seen in Chennai, Kerala, etc. as they are always crowded with no proper social distancing being followed. What kind of measures can we adopt to ensure that the produce is reaching the customer directly to avoid crowded markets and ensure that the farmers are getting a better price by eliminating the mediators.
Questioned by Imitiaz Parackat, Kerala
National Agriculture Market (eNAM) is a pan-India electronic trading portal which provides better price discovery through transparent auction process based on quality of produce along with timely online payment. Another option to avoid mediators is Contract farming, where the farmers have the option to know in advance when, to whom and at what price their products will sell. They usually specify the price to be paid to the farmer, the quantity and quality of the product demanded by the buyer, and the date for delivery to buyers. Another option is that few farmers can come together and transfer their produce to any nearby large apartment complex or communities and form WhatsApp groups to forward the details of produce at no cost and at great speed. Once an initial movement is established, this set up can offer a permanent alternative to avoid crowded markets.To limit the crowd and to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in fish/vegetable markets, authenticated passes can be provided for the people visiting the market to ensure social distancing. Also, the respective State govt. can start ward wise vegetable / fish outlets so that residents can get vegetables and fish easily and reduce the crowd. Also, opening the wholesale market early morning by targeting the retailers and large volume buyers and retail market in the evening by targeting the consumers can reduce the crowd. Selling vegetables / fish to the retailers and bulk buyers in the same packaging / boxes in which they arrive in the market helps quicker movement of people in the market

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